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Sporting Events

Team Zoom Canine Entertainment brings an extra dose of excitement to sporting events with thrilling performances featuring our talented canine athletes. From baseball to basketball and football, our dynamic shows are guaranteed to keep crowds engaged and entertained throughout the game. With a combination of high-flying frisbee catches, impressive tricks, and interactive meet-and-greets, we add an unforgettable element of fun to every sporting occasion.


Frisbee and High Jump

During baseball games, our canine performers showcase their agility with high-flying frisbee catches and impressive high jumps between innings. These electrifying displays of athleticism are sure to captivate the audience and keep them entertained during breaks in the action.

Intermission Skits

Before the game and during intermissions, our handlers perform fun and engaging skits outside or inside the stadium. These pre-game antics add to the excitement of the event and provide entertainment for fans as they arrive and settle into their seats.

Audience Interaction

Our handlers are available to walk through the stadium, allowing fans to take pictures and engage in meet-and-greet sessions with our canine stars. This personal interaction enhances the fan experience and creates lasting memories for attendees.


Frisbee and Unique Tricks

At halftime during basketball games, our canine athletes take center stage with thrilling frisbee displays and unique tricks. Depending on the available time, up to five dogs can participate, showcasing their skills and wowing the audience with their athleticism and precision.


Frisbee and Long Throws

During halftime at football games, our talented dogs perform a dazzling frisbee routine that includes unique tricks and long throws. With up to six dogs participating, our halftime show keeps the crowd energized and excited for the remainder of the game, ensuring a memorable experience for fans of all ages.


Sporting Events FAQs

Where do the dogs stay during the game when not performing?

When not performing, the dogs typically stay either in a van if parking is close to the stadium or in a conference room or spare room inside the stadium or clubhouse

What other sporting venues have you performed at?

We've had the pleasure of performing at various prestigious sporting venues, including:
  • Tennessee Titans (football)
  • Dayton Dragons (baseball)
  • Ohio University (basketball)
  • Campbell University (basketball)
  • Madison Mallards (baseball)
  • Milwaukee Wave (soccer)
  • University of Charleston (football)

Team Zoom Canine Entertainment is the perfect addition to any sporting event, adding excitement, energy, and entertainment for fans of all ages. With our dynamic performances and talented canine performers, we guarantee to keep crowds engaged and excited throughout the game. Book us for your next sporting occasion and experience the thrill of canine entertainment firsthand!