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Meet the Team

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Real Canine Entertainment Loved Across Ohio and Beyond

This Ain't No Dog and Pony Show: It's a Dog Show with No Ponies.

We've put together a fantastic team of performance dogs that have something for everyone. From stunts and agility demonstrations to comical performance, the pups at Team Zoom love to entertain. The other half of our team, the handlers, are just as passionate about caring for our furry friends! There's nothing they love more than working with their dogs each day, creating an incredible bond, and then sharing that with the world. And, you can imagine how much our dogs enjoy running, jumping, and performing to the delight of captivated audiences throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Take a moment to get to know our incredible team – Team Zoom!

Photo of Danielle O'Neill holding a Dog

Danielle O'Neill - Lead Handler

Danielle has been performing with her rescued border collies since 2007. She is a world finalist with multiple dogs in canine disc and holds multiple rally titles. She also serves as a national champion women's distance and canine disc head judge. Danielle has competed all over the U.S. and Canada with great success.

In addition to competing in canine sports, Danielle is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA). In addition to heading up Team Zoom, she is the owner and proprietor of two dog businesses in Dayton, OH: Train Your Pup and Splash Your Pup.

Photo of Legend

Legend - Current

Legend the Lizard is definitely the goofball of our team. She loves everyone and everything, and her Frisbee skills and tricks put smiles on every face!

Photo of Awol

Awol - Current

Awol is our hard-hitting Dutch Shepherd. It's always fun to see just how high he can jump. He may look intimidating, but he's a giant love bug.

Photo of Wombat

Wombat - Current

A silly name for a silly puppy. Wombat may be small, but he is mighty. That's why his nickname is Wombat the Warrior! He hasn't decided what his main act will be yet, but we know it will be crazy. This little man has no fear.

Photo of Vibe

Vibe - Current

The flyer, for sure - Vibe is a small, deaf Border Collie. But, that hasn't stopped her from learning lots of tricks and having fun! She loves to play Frisbee, jump rope, perform agility, and go for swims.

Photo of Isla

Isla - Current


Photo of Valor

Valor - Current


Photo of Wager

Wager - Current


Photo of Brig

Brig - Current


Photo of OZ

OZ - Current


Photo of Icon

Icon - Current


Photo of Mouse

Mouse - Current


Photo of  Hopper

Hopper - Retired

Who doesn't love a bird dog?! Hopper is our high jumper and agility dog who LOVES people. His goofy and fun-loving personality is sure to win over any crowd.

Photo of Gruve

Gruve - Retired


Photo of Sissy

Sissy - Retired

Sissy is truly the diva of the team and can never get enough attention. She loves to swim, play Frisbee, hula-hoop and show off her skills!

Photo of Zephyr

Zephyr - Retired

The ultimate multi-sport athlete and trick dog, Zephyr loves Frisbee, agility, and dancing. He's always been a performer at heart and has even been in commercials and movies!

Photo of Ratchet

Ratchet - Retired

Ratchet, by far, is the most energetic member of our team, and he LOVES his Frisbee! Jumping and running fast are his top talents, and they also happen to be his favorite things to do.

Photo of Zeek

Zeek - Dog Heaven


Photo of Toot

Toot - Dog Heaven

Toot is a cancer survivor and is the heart and soul of the team. His favorite part of his job is getting to meet and play with the kids!