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Corporate/Black Tie Events and Stage Shows

Elevate your corporate and black tie events to unforgettable heights with Team Zoom Canine Entertainment. Our dynamic stage shows combine elegance and excitement, featuring talented canine performers that will delight and entertain your guests. From captivating dog skits to event-specific tricks, our performances are tailored to complement the theme and atmosphere of your event, ensuring a truly memorable experience for all.

Versatile Entertainment Options

Fun Dog Skits

Our repertoire of fun dog skits adds charm and humor to any corporate or black tie affair. From a whimsical firefighting skit to thrilling tightrope walks and impressive skateboarding displays, our canine stars bring laughter and joy to every performance.

Event-Specific Tricks

We understand the importance of aligning our performances with the theme of your event. That's why we offer event-specific tricks and skits that seamlessly integrate with the ambiance and objectives of your corporate or black tie affair. Whether it's a themed gala or an elegant soirée, our performers will dazzle your guests with their talent and charm.

Flexible Performance Settings

Our shows can be performed on a stage, dance floor, parking lot, or any other suitable venue. We adapt to the unique layout and requirements of your event, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning performance that captivates your audience.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Set to family-friendly music, our shows create a lively and upbeat atmosphere that appeals to guests of all ages. With carefully curated soundtracks, we enhance the entertainment value of our performances, adding an extra layer of excitement and energy to the event.

Customized Performance Times

We understand that corporate events and stage shows often operate on tight schedules. That's why our performance times can vary to accommodate the specific needs and constraints of your event. Whether you require a brief interlude or a full-length show, we can tailor our performances to suit your schedule.


Corporate Events FAQs

How many dogs do you use for the performance?

The number of dogs used for the performance can vary depending on the venue, typically ranging between 5 to 9.

What type of flooring do you need?

We're equipped with mats that can be placed on stage flooring or concrete to ensure a suitable surface for the performance.

How will Team Zoom make your event better?

Team Zoom is dedicated to enhancing your event experience by:
  • Crafting skits that align with the theme of your event.
  • Providing numerous opportunities for audience interaction and engagement.

Do you have your own sound system?

Yes, we have our own sound system available for use. Additionally, we can integrate with the on-site sound system if needed.

Team Zoom Canine Entertainment offers the perfect entertainment solution for your corporate and black tie events. With our versatile repertoire of fun dog skits, event-specific tricks, and dynamic stage shows, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for your guests. Contact us today to book a performance that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate your event to new heights of excitement and sophistication.